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Nothing makes a home an ideal home more than its location and amenities. We already know that these homes are located in a prime area with a lot of conveniences within close commute. As for the amenities and facilities of the property you will find a lot at your fingertips. Everything you need for you and your family is either inside the gated property or within close range so you can easily get there.

The property has a number of facilities onsite for your convenience. On the property there is a club house that is designed to classy but simply. It can be used for a multitude of purposes and can hosts more than one hundred persons so it can be used for a variety of gatherings. You can host a small function such as a birthday party, a baby shower, a wedding and more right on property and close to home.

For those of you who love the presence of water, you will be happy to know that the property features an infinity pool that offers you a great place to hang out. It is quite relaxing to take a relaxing soak in the pool or lounge around it on those lazy days when you don’t have to work. Check out the sunset from the pool deck – it is absolutely breathtaking to watch the sun go down beyond the city from the deck.

For the kids there is a playground that offers a safe and secure area for them to play and enjoy their outside time. There is also a Linear Park which the entire family can enjoy for relaxing walks or bike rides or even to have a little picnic outside. There is also a basketball court for those who want to get active outside. This is a great place for adults and kids alike to engage in a friendly game of basketball or just to get their activity for the day in.

For lazy walks and scenic landscape you have two options; the landscaped rotunda and the Garden Vista. Here you can take a scenic walk or jog or simply enjoy nature at the community garden. You will like the peaceful views and the beautiful plant life that you pass here while on your run/walk or jog. Nature lovers will also find these two spaces a great place for them to enjoy some outdoor and some nature at the same time where they can visit whenever they want.

For all your commercial needs you can visit the Forest Ridge Lane. Here you will find a number of cafeterias and dining options. You can find convenience stores as well and even a water refilling station so you can easily run errands close by and in a hassle free manner. Onsite you will also find the administration office, centralized garbage collection, security barracks and office. The subdivision is gated and offers 24 hour security so you can rest well knowing that you will be safe at home.

  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sales Office Lobby
  • Basketball Court
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate
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